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October 2020
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Judy Davis, Anice Hoachlander and Allen Russ are professional photographers focused on Architecture, Architectural Interiors and Landscape Architecture. In our discussion we cover some of the key considerations to keep in mind when hiring a professional photographer for your work as a Design Professional. We also discuss their second business Photographing Spaces, which helps others understand how to take better photos through workshops and webinars. Whether you take photos of your own work or have it done by a professional, there is loads of great information in this conversation.

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Bob Borson is one of the better-known Architects in over 200 countries, but not for the reasons most Architects are well known. Bob is the author of the popular blog ‘Life of an Architect – what it’s like to be and work with an architect’. His personal, frank style of talking about everything he encounters in his professional life resonates with over 4 million readers a year.  In our conversation we talk about his current professional life and recently becoming a partner, the importance of knowing how to talk to people, shifting roles during your career, and even his blog. (he hates that title)

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Doug Patt is an Architect and so much more. Although he is best known for his book, website and YouTube channel ‘How to Architect’, he is mostly a passionate designer of high-end residential architecture. Then there is his Architect’s Academy where he teaches online classes to students from all over the globe. With over  8,000,000 YouTube views and 64,000+ subscribers Doug has created a huge following while exposing what it is really like to be an Architect to the public and those considering a career in Architecture. Doug is also a product developer and inventor of the Architect’s Birdfeeder. He is a multi-faceted designer to say the least with an enthusiasm for design that is contagious.

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Andrew Caruso is an architect with his eye on how design vision combined with economic strategy and political influence can solve some of the complex problems facing today’s urban centers around the world. Andrew offers some great insight into how working for Gensler, one of the worlds largest and most prestigious architectural and interdisciplinary firms, has affected that view. This is an informative look into a young architect at the beginning of a career, yet already having some admirable experience and insight.

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Category:general -- posted at: 5:19pm PDT is a website used by homeowners, design professionals and contractors to get inspiration, ideas, and examples for home improvements. It has also become one of the best resources for homeowners to find design professionals in their area.

 Whether you are an Architect, Landscape Architect/Designer or Interior Designer in the residential space, you need to be using this resource. In this episode I discuss with Dave Mayer of the different ways Design Professionals can use to promote their design services and improve visibility for their businesses.


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Kotaro Nakamura is an Architect and partner in Roesling Nakamura Terada Architects in San Diego and Ventura, California. He is also a professor and currently the Interim Director of the School of Art and Design at San Diego State University. He has been a professor for over 30 years while also running his private design practice with his partners.  The main focus for his firm is public works, especially schools. In our conversation we discuss the idea of building communities, resilient design,  creating a stable business model, how Design Build is affecting Architects, and his philosophy on educating young designers.

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Tim Smith is the Principal of Wynn-Smith Landscape Architecture Inc in Poway, California outside of San Diego.  In 2014 he is the President elect of the San Diego chapter of ASLA. We discuss the value of professional organizations such as ASLA, AIA and ASID and how they benefit the members and the profession. Tim’s firm does a wider variety of project types than most smaller companies so we discuss the reasons behind that strategy and how that has served him in over 20 years of business. Tim also teaches Landscape Architecture and related classes part time for San Diego Mesa Community College.

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Denise Maloney is an Interior Designer in San Francisco, California. She owns her own residentially focused firm, Denise Maloney Interior Design. Denise originally studied Economics/ Business in college. Shortly after graduation she looked for something she felt a stronger connection to and found Interior Architecture & Design. After working on Hospitality and residential projects early in her career, she decided to focus on residential projects when she started her own firm. Her firm uses furniture design to create a deeper level of personalization for her clients. In our conversation we explore collaborating with Architects, branding your business, using a business coach, theory vs. doing, how relationships play such a big roll in our businesses, and a number of other interesting subjects. Enjoy!

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Richard Joaquin is an Assoiciate Designer with Jeff Wortham & Associates. He received his BS degree in Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, California. In this conversation we discuss what it’s like to come out of college during the Great Recession and start your career. We also discuss what he learned in school versus what he has learned working in a design firm, what it’s like to work and go to school, getting licensed as a professional and increasing your value as a designer in the marketplace. This was my opportunity to share the path of a design pro early in their working life. It’s an important time in the career path of any designer. Enjoy!

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Benita Goldblatt is an Interior Designer in Orlando, Florida. She is also a partner in an online store that sells interior accessories some of which she designs. She currently splits her time between high-end residential design and running her online business. In our conversation we discuss the need to balance the desire to be creative with the need to make a profit, why she started and online store with her best friend, the big benefits of an internship, using ‘Color Stories’ to help customers choose accessories, and how she finds success in her business life.

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Jeff Wortham is a Residential Landscape Architect in Pleasanton, California. He also is a licensed Landscape Contractor in California. He is the Principal of Jeff Wortham & Associates. His firm has focused on mid to high end Landscape Design for over 20 years. Jeff received his BS degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in Landscape Architecture in 1986. Jeff is the founder and host of Design Pro Success Stories. He discusses his construction background and how it affects his design approach, the importance of updating one’s business strategies, sources for inspiration, building a business, and setting yourself up for the future. Enjoy!


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Nicole Mason is an attorney with a corporate background. She is the CEO of  Omnivantage Business Professionals in the Bay Area near San Francisco, California. Her business focuses on helping smaller businesses focus on growth, and running their businesses more smoothly so they can better enjoy what they do. She is also my business coach for my Landscape Architecture business. I asked her to do this interview because she has helped me understand how to run my business better and help me understand how to deal with parts of the business I have always struggled with. This interview deals with setting expectations with clients and discusses the 3 Pillars of Setting Clear Expectations with some examples from my own business.

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Amy Connor Murphy is an Architect in Ashville, North Carolina. She is the Principal at ACM Design Architecture & Interior Design.  Her firm is focused on Custom Residential Design. Amy received her Bachelors of Science degree in Architecture from Auburn University. This conversation covers a wide variety of topics ranging from getting started as an Architect, balancing family and business, construction administration, managing relationships with clients and the importance of having a good mentor. Amy talks about setting up her business at a size that allows her to stay connected to the part of the work she enjoys most, avoiding the temptation so many of us struggle with. Enjoy!

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Tim Alatorre is an Architect and partner in De Jesus & Alatorre Architects. They have two offices in Northern and Central California. He is a graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and does a podcast for the Architecture department there. His Architecture firm is currently going through a growth phase as the economy recovers in 2014. The partnership does project types ranging from churches, multi family residential, custom residential and restaurants. I thought this conversation was good from the perspective of talking to an owner that has just started to recover after the recession and showing how fast things can change when things pick back up.

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Kate Stickley is a Partner in Arterra Landscape Architecture in San Francisco, California. They are focused on higher end Residential work. She shares some of the secrets of a long lasting partnership and the power of collaboration. We discuss her love for field-work, hand drawings, the need for clear vision for a business, apprenticeships and many other interesting topics. Kate’s firm has been featured in some popular publications and she shares some of the ways we can get their attention for our businesses. This was a longer discussion because we found so many great things to talk about. I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did.

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